Best Gadgets to Buy Right Now

We live in a technology-ridden world. There are tons of new gadgets and devices that are used routinely and you can find plenty of options in every category. Whether it is entertainment or fitness, you can find unique gadgets to use, but which ones should you go for? Not only is there a difference in price range, but also variety in features and this can make it difficult for people to make a decision. If you are also wondering what phone, tablet, laptop, fitness tracker etc. to get right now, here is a comprehensive list of the best options:

Best Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9

One of the top reasons why Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone has earned the title of best phone is due to its low-light camera. There are dual 12MP cameras on the back of the device and both of them come with an impressive f/1.5 aperture. It is the only device that provides an aperture this wide, which means that its low-light prowess is incomparable. To top it off, there are tons of other features of the S9 including the ‘Infinity’ screen, AR Emoji feature, super premium build and a powerful battery, you have got a very impressive device.

Best Laptop: Dell XPS 13

Ranked as the best laptop as well as the best Ultrabook, the XPS 13 comes off as quite impressive because it has managed to fit a 13.3 inch screen into a frame of just 11-inch. The device is light, thin and boasts a battery life that can run for nearly seven hours straight. This laptop is faster than ever, which makes it a champion in this category.

Best TV: LG C7 OLED Series

Available in both 55 and 65-inch versions, the LG C7 has reached the top because not only does it offer the industry-leading OLED technology, but it does so at a very pocket-friendly price. The same panel is included in all of LG’s OLED TVs, which means that even though it is a fraction of the price of W7, the C7 still manages to be quite stunning. The sound quality is the only reason why the price is lower, but the audio is still a good combination of performance and price. You can also enjoy greater light control and brightness than its predecessor. Apart from that, it provides a class-leading performance thanks to being a 4K powerhouse.

Best Games Console: PS4 Pro

Microsoft’s Xbox series and Sony’s PlayStation consoles have been locked in a hard-fought battle, but the latter’s PS4 Pro has succeeded in gaining the edge over its competitor. How? This is mostly due to the right combination of great games, hardware and also a generous online offering. The PS4 Pro is definitely an improvement on a PS4 that was quite strong as it supports HDR and 4K technologies. There have also been advancement in frame rate as processing speeds have gotten a boost. This means that gamers can enjoy a cleaner, smooth and crisper experience.

Best Fitness Tracker: Moov Now

While this device doesn’t have all the features you would typically associate with a fitness tracker such as a screen or a GPS tracker, but Moov Now has a six-month battery life and a very reasonable price tag. Yes, the battery life is impressive enough to make it one of the best fitness trackers in the market as it can track your sleep, steps, running technique, fitness and a whole lot more in the six months, which makes it a good choice.

Best Camera: Nikon D850

DSLRs are the new cameras of this digital age and this one by Nikon ticks all the boxes it should. You can enjoy stunning image quality thanks to the 45.4 MP full-frame sensor and that’s not all. With the Nikon D850, you get access to a sophisticated 153-point AF system and 9fps bust shooting speed. This camera is just as good at shooting portraits as it is when taking pictures of landscapes and wildlife.

Best Tablet: New iPad

The beautiful design, 9.7-inch display and the A9 chip all at a good price makes the new iPad the best tablet in the market. Even though it is not doing anything revolutionary, the new iPad can be regarded as an excellent update on a great device.

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