Common Social Marketing Mistakes Should Be Aware


Every business tends to move towards social media marketing at some stage and it is not surprising to be see why. It offers results and benefits for all; from a well-established business to your local store. The ability to do it within various budgets has attracted many a people, to have a social media presence, in order to bring in new customers, as well as retaining the old ones.

Since most of your potential customers have a social media presence in one way or another, it seems like an obvious decision. But the results of social media marketing are not always what one expects, as a few common mistakes are made along the way. This can be very detrimental to your revenues and your business will suffer as a result. However, being aware of such problems is a step in the right direction. Therefore, mentioned below are a few errors that you can work to avoid:

Not having a strategy in place

As is the case with anything you conduct in your business, your social media marketing should not be without a proper strategy. A lot of companies proceed without a plan of action and end up wasting precious time and resources. The key to succeeding in social marketing, is to have specific goals outlined and a proper budget outlined. Additionally, you should also have figured out how you are going to achieve those goals and what resources you are going to do so. Not having the correct strategy can result in you wasting productive time and getting nothing in return for it.

Ignoring the negative comments or feedback

A lot of businesses are guilty of making the mistake to not pay proper attention to poor comments regarding their work. Whenever something goes wrong and their attention is brought to it, they will try to come up with excuses and tell themselves that it was out of their control and there was nothing they could have done. This is untrue in most cases and businesses instead, should pay attention to such feedback and look at it as an opportunity to improve their services. Customers usually want themselves to be heard and whenever a company makes a mistake, the customers only want assurances that it will not repeat.

Not knowing your audience

Knowing the people you want to engage with can be a very important part of your social media marketing arsenal. It can be helpful in outlining an approach towards potential customers and can be beneficial in working out things such as tone of voice to use, the use of images or videos etc. Such an effort will not only yield results, but will also help make your customers feel that you care enough to make the effort and win them over.

Not having a policy for social media

This can be very dangerous and can result in your business or company being publically embarrassed. Thus, it is important that you have clearly specified guidelines on what is acceptable and what is not. Making sure that your employees are aware of such a policy is equally important.

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