Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing on Instagram

Since the introduction of Instagram, a lot of companies have taken advantage of the nature of the social photo-sharing site to engage with customers, using the more influential people as well. The website is a great platform to engage with customers on a daily basis and to display them your products and get important feedback.

Companies and businesses often find that the visual appeal of Instagram can be more of an effective tool in gaining customers. A social media marketing campaign that is carefully planned, can yield great results for companies, but there are often rookie mistakes that campaigners tend to make, when looking to communicate with millions of people on the website. Some of these common mistakes are mentioned below:

Setting your business account to private

One of the most common mistakes that businesses tend to make is have their account set to private. For private or personal accounts, this is not a problem, but for a company account that needs its images and videos could get as much exposure as possible, it is unacceptable. The account being set to private is not always intentional and could be an honest mistake. Thus, you have to make sure that the status of your business account is public, so that your opportunities are not limited and you can reach as many people as possible.

Posting low-quality media

It is crucial that you are professional in the media you are posting on the Instagram account of your business. Customers will often judge your company on the image you portray on social media platforms and on an image and video-sharing website, such an emphasis is even more vital to your success. The photos you post must be high resolutions ones and the subject you are trying to catch, should also be clearly visible. You should also ensure that the images you are using are of the correct size and have no odd cut-outs that can be distracting.

Sharing random media

If you have one person handling the process of social marketing on Instagram, you have to make sure that that person recognizes it to be a business account. People often tend to post personal stuff on a company’s account that has no relation to your business and although a behind-the-scenes approach can sometimes be beneficial, it has to be carefully planned and this is certainly not the way to tackle it.

If you continue in such a fashion, customers might never take you seriously, as you would be coming across as unprofessional. Sometimes a personal touch can be beneficial in gaining you customers, but posts that are of such a nature must be kept to a minimum.

Not being consistent with your posting

If you have any sort of social account and are expecting some feedback, it is imperative that you are consistent in your schedule. More often than not, customers enjoy the predictability of a brand and its schedule, so that when they take the time out to browse the social media, your posts are visible to them. However, one should not confuse consistency with spamming and therefore, always post a unique photo or image on your Instagram account.





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