Tips for Getting an Appointment at Networking Events


Networking events provide great opportunities for businesses to meet potential clients and customers, while also providing them for a professional setting to test and learn strategies of other businesses. However, the vast number of opportunities present at these events can go wasted, as most people only both to eat food, talk to a couple of people and leave without having any conversation that is noteworthy or can be helpful to their endeavors. Another important thing of note that people miss out on, is that even if they find some interested party, they fail to make appointments to meet at a later date.

Making appointments so that you can meet later, is a crucial step if you want to improve your chances of a personal interaction with clients and creating important business connections that can help improve your business.

In trying to get an appointment with someone you want, it is important that you have a reason that benefits both parties and that your alliance can provide referrals for each other. It is also possible that the person you make an appointment with can lead you to someone else that can be useful to you as well. Therefore, it is important to know the ‘why’ of getting an appointment, before you approach someone to talk. A few pointers are mentioned below that can help you with that:

Going to relevant events

There are probably going to be more than one kind of networking event to be held in the city you are in. Thus, your first step should be to find the right kind of event for you, events where you think you are most likely to meet your potential clients. However, keep in mind that you could meet such people at charity and community events and that you should explore other avenues apart from professional events.

Doing your research

In this era of technology, the networking events are organized on the web and the list of people attending such events is available to everyone. This can help you in finding the potential people of interest to you and your business. In order to stay a step ahead, it is advised that you do some background research of such people and how they could be of good use to you and what options are available to you in offering a business proposal. Another advantage to researching is that you will have more to talk about and people more often than not are happy to see others make the effort, to learn about their business and themselves.

Remember to introduce yourself

Once you have figured out which ones are the parties of interest, list their names down with any relevant points of discussion that you have. This can help you focus when attending the event and you will be able to recall your interest, once you recognize their faces from their photos you find online. The next step is to approach them and introduce yourself and telling them a little bit about your business. The important thing to remember is to listen rather than talk.



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